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Ductwork, and all necessary transitions, offsets and the like are all made in house. From standard installations in new construction to retrofitting in existing houses and spaces, all ducts are made specific to each project and installed to ensure your HVAC system will work properly for years to come.


Many products we fabricate can be made to fit all custom applications.  Matching an existing detail, or replacing and upgrading, our work  will fit whatever your needs desire


Recently, we have expanded into the much customized CNC (computerized numeric control) and plasma cutting fields. Our new machinery can create any customized item to an image you desire made from almost any variety of metal. Seemingly limitless items can be created and cut for construction or artistic needs.


From standard flashings, gutter, and downspout work, to ornate metal roofs, cupolas, cornices, and finials, JM Cooper takes the utmost care in our craftmanship to making sure each project is fabricated to desired specifications.  Tailor made projects are guaranteed 100% satisfaction

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